Heart’s Blood – Juliet Marillier

The first book I am going to review is the most recent book published by Juliet Marillier who is one of my favorite fantasy writers. I have yet to read a book by her that has not been wonderful. This one is called Heart’s Blood. It is about a young girl running from a traumatic past who finds her way into a cursed forest.  She learns about a position as a scribe up at Whistling Tor. The magic and power that radiate from the walls of that fortress would be enough to scare away any normal person and has for years. The young girl, Caitrin, prides herself on her work as a scribe which she learned at the side of her late beloved father and knows that the myths and legends about the cursed forest could keep her safe. Despite the warnings of the local people she ventures up the hill and she finds more than she expects.

Full of magic and emotion this book draws you in like an enchanted mirror and you become fascinated with the story and mystery of Whistling Tor. You sit beside Caitrin as she begins to unravel the past and discover the secrets that hold a town in fear of their protector and his land. This book is truly a magnetic read and one which has you following the story with anticipation and excitement.  I still prefer her Sevenwater and Light Isle books which I will review later, but this was definitely worth the buy.


“I must go into the library and turn over those pages. I must open the box and take out the obsidian mirror. I must look in to the darkness.” – Heart’s Blood – Juliet Marillier page 158.

2 Comments to “Heart’s Blood – Juliet Marillier”

  1. Disclaimer: i need an editor more than a flower needs the sun. Also this was a short review i am testing the waters and plan to be more extensive in the future.

  2. Hey,
    Great review for a great book – it was great for a first one and you should definitely keep it going. 😉
    I am looking really forward to more reviews.

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