Hope yet again

I got a phone call for an interview this morning. I find when the hope is at bottom something happens to lift it for a bit. The location sounds perfect, and I would love to have a job working in administration. It would be part time 20-30 hours which would not be bad depending on the pay.

Yet again the cycle continues, I apply I get a call, I go in for an interview and the waiting begins. I wait and I wait then I get a letter or call something saying not interested and hopes are dashed once again. I am going to cross my fingers that this time that will not be the case. I am vastly excited to get this interview and am not sure how to make my qualities shine. My best selling point is reliability, the ability to do anything you ask of me, and when I am at work I work. But the problem is those qualities are hard to show in a small interview not just saying like everyone does.

How does one candidate show above others? What makes one more desirable than another? I am happy friendly hard working and yet I get passed over. Maybe it’s a lack of experience or maybe I do not sell myself as I could. I am a communications graduate I should know what to say right. How I am to interact, eye contact, what to wear, how to sit, and all the other non verbal things

Who knows I hope it goes well, all I can do is my best and hope. Hope they would rather have the honest and reliable employee who may not have 5 years experience but makes it up in enthusiasm and ability.


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