Sadly this is not a book review, 24 unemployed and going broke.

I am going to vent my frustrations about being jobless.

November 25th I was laid off from my job as a customer service specialist. I knew it was coming so I saved money and figured I could get unemployment. Sadly I cannot as the company that I was working for claims me as a contractor so I cannot get unemployment and I am running out of money.

I have been looking for a job since July; the current tally of interviews is 4. Yes I have only been contacted 4 times in 100’s of applications. No I am not applying above what I can do; I got turned down by Ross, Blockbuster, Wells Fargo for teller positions. Seems to me the only ones that are interested are office work and I get my references checked then I get the call, e-mail, or letter with the following phrases,

“We have decided to go with someone else” “you are not qualified” (that one was for a job that required 6 months customer service I have 3 years and a high school diploma I am a college graduate.) and my all time favorite “thank you for applying but we do not think that you match what we need at this time.” How many f u letters can one person get? I wish I could make a count, might be able to get a record for most f u letters from putting in your resume.

Every time I get down. Every rejection hurts, my boyfriend and family are very supportive. I go to career fairs, career workshops where they go over your resume and interviewing skills. I apply for every job I qualify for. Yet it seems to me that the economy here in Corvallis Oregon is getting worse. Every day there is fewer jobs and more bills.

Complaint #2 Spammers. People who post jobs just so they can try to get people to fill out credit reports and get their personal information. DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME? There are people out there looking for work desperately because their families are going broke and you are posting little bits of hope only to laugh as they realize that they are just scams trying to get personal information from them. Or those people with work from home jobs that you have to pay for to start. Stop filling up actual job sites with your crap. It makes it hard to sift through for real jobs that we actually want. I hope you all suffer unemployment and having to go through this only to feel like the world is laughing at you.

There is the rant for today.


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