Worse than spinach in your teeth

Had the interview today, I think it went ok. I really think I would fit the job well. They said they had 77 applicants and that this was the first round. I also got an e-mail asking to come in and interview for another part time position at the local newspaper. I am not sure how good of a job that would be yet, it would all depend on the hours and pay offered.

The interesting thing will be going in to the interview. I just had my birthmark on my face laser treated and it looks like I colored my upper lip area with a dark purple permanent marker. It is kind of awkward trying to look professional and your best when you have dark ugly spot on your face. Hopefully they don’t mind so much.

I really hope I get a call back, a job would be a very nice thing right now and getting called back in for an interview for the first job would be great but I am guessing that given the odds 1/77 is not that great. Everyone keep their fingers crossed. I also love how I type this as if people are really reading it.

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