Bookreview and a bit of a rant first

I got denied for the job again, I applied for a few more. There are less and less jobs to apply for every week. It is getting bleak. I will be out of my savings by the end of April. I really hope something comes up. Volunteer work is great but it does not pay bills and as much as I appreciate it for giving me something to do I need the money. It is sad so much depends on money but I don’t need a lot. I just want enough to pay what bills I have and afford food. Maybe enough to allow me to get a pet, something to welcome me home. To take care of I fear I am becoming too much of a hermit. I sit around most of the time reading and not doing much else. On that note…

The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

Great read, witty and entertaining as most of her books are. I find the ones I enjoy most have strong female characters. This one is definitely her most willful and entertaining character. Sophy is a relative that comes to stay with a family in desperate need of guidance.  Through plots and schemes including kidnapping and shooting people she quite manages to set all to rights. She is a strong minded girl with amazing skills in manipulation and everyone adores her.  I must admit her desire to prove herself to her cousin is probably my favorite part as she keeps stealing his willful and young horses to prove that she is just a good a whip as him. All and all blackmail, pistols, horses and a girl entirely too smart for her own good. This makes for a great and entertaining read.


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