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April 1, 2010

The King’s Grace Review as well as my own update

The Kings Grace – by Anne Easter Smith

These books are fiction but the author makes sure that every detail from where the royalty are to the character everything is as accurate as possible. I also know that she goes to every where she writes about so they are very historically accurate and have a real image in the writing. This book in particular is one of three she has written. It is about Grace who was the illegitimate daughter of Edward the 4th of England. The only account of her in history is a note in the funeral record of her stepmother Elizabeth Woodville. The book portrays her as a kind soul who ends up becoming very close with the woman who her father cheated on with her mother.  These books are fully of sadness and longing, love, and passion. If you want to be pulled in to that time and feel if you are walking besides those who lived there read this book. It has the power to put you through the trials of the Grace and be with her as she struggles to find peace in such a powerful family.


So I did the phone interview with the financial company and I think it went well. Now I just have to see if the local adviser is interested in interviewing me.  I sure hope so! It would be a great job. I have a few other applications I am hoping to hear from but have not yet. Its stressful, I had to go in to the bank today and was going to close my savings account but they said it would cost me more. My savings account was apparently keeping my bill pay free. They were able to lower the monthly transfer, so that should help.  I also talked to the lady at the bank and told her I was trying to apply for a position there. Maybe it will help maybe not.

I am volunteering at the Arc and its OK, I think I rather do what my mom is doing and volunteer in the store rather than the office, but office is what I need experience in. Either way I am just hoping to build up some good karma or something that will help me finally get a job. There are so many that seem like the right kind of job, that I should be over qualified and would be thrilled to get but who knows. It has been a crazy week.