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June 15, 2010

Looking Forward

So I haven’t written in a while, no it’s not because I got a job. Well sort of. I worked two temp jobs three weeks a piece. One job was with an engineering firm and another for a municipal court. The engineering firm was fantastic and I loved every second, they have a position opening which they might consider me for I have applied and hope to hear from them soon. (Crosses fingers and wishes deeply) they had a great office and community.

The court was interesting but not the work itself. I filed the whole time and processed parking and traffic tickets. I learned a ton and even got to sit in on a bench trial. It was super interesting. I have noted one thing though the city wants to higher those with less than a college degree that are going to be lifers. I would not qualify. But I got to ask the judge questions I had about parking tickets, speeding, and of course cell phone. I learned all the basic fines, and honestly people pay your parking tickets with in the first 10 days. After 20 it doubles so you got a 10 dollar meter ticket. In 20 days you owe 20. You get 45 for parking in a restricted area in 20 days it’s like 80. That’s where people get in to the most trouble is not paying on time.
Either way I have applications in with about 5-6 place looking at admin, hr assistant, sales assistant type positions I sure hope something comes along I am so sick of holding back on doing fun things because they cost money.
On a happy note my garden is going nuts, cucumber, zucchini, two varieties of beans, peas, and tomatoes are all sprouted and tomatoes are blooming! Hopefully this will save me some money and allow me to eat some good veggies this year!
Currently rereading Harry Potter by JK Rowling, so I doubt I really need to review those books but let me tell you this, if you have only seen the movies you are missing out. The books are rich in world mythology, as well as great themes and everyday emotions. I am currently on book 5 and it still amazes me how much the movies have to leave out and how much deeper and more fulfilling the books are than the movies. The movies you glance in at a world. In the books you become fully submerged and are involved. You get so angry you have to put it down, so sad you cry, and so happy you cannot stop smiling even after you put the book down.
Books I am looking forward to reading (all coming soon! Hence the rereading of the old standbys)
Dangerous to Know (Lady Emily Novel) – Tasha Alexander – October 26th
Mischief of the Mistletoe – Lauren Willig – October 28th
Seer of Sevenwaters – Juliet Marillier – December 7th
The Orchid Affair – Lauren Willig – January 20th