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July 29, 2010

Social Media + Dan Brown

I have been leaning about social media networking. There is a lot more to it than I originally thought. My father asked if I would learn more about it to help him boost business for him. I have been trying to get him to do something for a long time and hey why not right if it gets him more business. He thinks it will just get him young kids. I went to a presentation today their stats said the average Facebook user is 35.  Also that 90% of American access the internet. Granted that may be once a month for some but it’s a good number. There was a lot of interesting of information that looks in to how to market a product and how to track that marketing. For instance if you have a website how much of your business is generated by people looking at your website. In my father’s case, absolutely non I am sure. His website is generic and boring. His company provides a good service but the website is so dismal anyone who sees it would get dumber by looking at it. Then how do you track if they go to the website. For retail type company a coupon code that comes only on the website and changes monthly can track how much business is pulled in by that coupon.

So much of this social media is marketing and connection and engaging people online. It’s not about getting likes on Facebook but getting their questions answered and providing a good service. These days with everything being bought and sold online there is a lack on personal connection. For Amazon that is great, lots of business not a lot of time wasted talking a person in to a DVD player. They read reviews, talk to friends, go to a store and look, find the one they want and the price and buy. If Amazon wants the sale they need good reviews and good prices. How would that translate to insurance? A person needs car insurance, but they don’t know where to go. They go online look around they will probably choose a company with TV commercials or if there a bit more with it a low price. The problem with this is the companies have different features, including some you may not know you need. Say you live on a flood plain, most insurance agencies basic policies don’t cover flood. You would have to find the right one and it may cost more. That’s where the agent comes in. They listen ask questions and direct you. That’s the great thing about my dad’s office is he doesn’t work for once company he is a agent for many companies so there are lots of options and different packages. They can help you choose the best one for you.

He has a long way to go until his website is what it needs but once he does I think he will get more contacts and leads. The sale is important yes, but getting the right price and service for a customer makes them come back. Insurance is all about repeat business, too bad they have a reputation for pushing sales but those come from people not offering good plans. Eh vicious cycle huh. Ok, enough of that.

Book review of the week is for The Lost Symbol –By Dan Brown.

I bought this book in Washington D.C. oddly fitting because that is where the book takes place. As per usual his book starts with someone contacting Professor Langdon about a case. This book involves masons and the hidden secrets to the design and intentions for Washington D.C. It is well written and a fun read. The rooms described were just as they were in the books. I must admit Brown has one plot line, some danger involving hidden secrets and symbols where only he can decipher in time to save the day. It still is one lovely ride and one I shall be reading again