Lauren Willig’s The Orchid Affair

The loyal fan base of Lauren Willig’s Historical romance novels have a petition going. We are trying to petition Dutton to change the cover of The Orchid Affair. They have gone away from the tradition of the first 6 novels of historical art work featuring sophisticated women to that of the typical cover of the common trashy romance novel. Now as there is nothing wrong with those books it does seem unfair to classify Lauren Willig’s novels as such. Her books have far more class, history, mystery and in essence more substance than the historical porn out there. Those looking for such would pick up the current cover and be disappointed. I do not mind that the paperbacks can have this design. But please keep to the wonderful tradition of these covers. I would be embarrassed to own this book and will not buy it if the cover changes. I cannot imagine reading this book in public.

2 Comments to “Lauren Willig’s The Orchid Affair”

  1. Signed and tweeted and I blogged about Covergate as well, back in the day. Great idea to start a petition, here’s hoping someone listens!

    • I did not start it. the great idea came from Kayla on Lauren’s Website. I am just passing on the information. I wanted to make sure she get the credit. I am just passing it along as the more people we can get to sign the better

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