I wish I could be confident and relaxed in an interview and I cannot. I feel my desire for the job makes me so nervous I fail at what I try to do. I do not do anything majorly wrong I just get so scared. I want to prove that I am a hard worker, smart. I can do anything if told how. I would be an excellent employee to anyone that would hire me. My skill base is broad and I adapt to any situation with ease. I can be happy anywhere. I work well independently or in a team. I just wish I could show them. I desire that so much it hinders me.
I am only like this for two things, test and job interviews. I can sit down with a group of customers and be just fine, professional, happy, and personable. But put me in a room with 4 people who are in charge of hiring and I get nervous, talk too much and don’t show off how happy and confident I am. I am great at sales. People like working with me. I have got to fix this problem. I just want to express my greatest qualities to them so they can know how perfect I would be.
On a good note the place I interviewed was amazing. I would be so thrilled to work there. The job is exactly what I am looking for, the people are nice, and the facility was lovely. Hopefully they can over look my nerves. Sadly the only time they get to meet me is when I am nervous.


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