Georgette Heyer Marathon

The Black Moth – Georgette Heyer
A disgraced gentleman comes across the black moth who happens to be a duke in process of kidnapping a pretty young girl, he is a highwayman by profession though not very seriously. He rescues the girl and gets injured while healing he meets old friends and there is lots of guilt and determination to clear his name from friends and the man who orchestrated it all, the Black Moth. This was her very first novel, it flows a bit differently than her other books. It has three areas where we peak in and jump between. But the story is very good, characters very round and likable. It was an enjoyable read and I like that the girl was not the main character but the guy. It was fun and silly and a very good read. I would recommend to those liking regency romances. As with all her books there very clean on the romance, I think there might be a kiss but I am not sure. The story is more the focus which means there is actually a plot and intrigue.

The Tollgate- Georgette Heyer
Very good story, guy comes across a toll gate to find a little boy running it, his dad had left him and run off. The main character sticks around to find out what happens and comes across thieves, murder, and a very pretty girl in the mix. It is clever and fun and had me laughing throughout most of the book. Another great book by Georgette Heyer, her books are always full of great characters and a smidgen of mystery.

The Masqueraders – Georgette Heyer
This has to be one of the silliest of her books; Brother and sister are dressed as the opposite gender and are in hiding. Their father shows up posing as a Nobleman and a quiet tall man they like to call the mountain sees through their disguises. Silly and fun with a masque hero and one man playing around with the fate of everyone involved. I really enjoyed this book, the dad is hilarious and there are lots of laughs.

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