Dissapointment Again

I got called by a temp agency yesterday and was asked to come into an interview on the local college campus. Which would have been great, it is close by, pays well; I could get a gym membership cheap, and meet my boyfriend on occasion for lunch. 6 hours later I got a call saying they found an applicant that had worked at the college before and hired them. I did not even get to interview.

It is so hard to keep my spirits up when I do not even get the chance to prove how good an employee I would be. This is so frustrating! I work hard to find jobs, I search daily, and I signed up with every temporary agency I can find. I have been to the local employment office. I apply for everything I qualify for. I just wish for once someone would give me a chance. I think the biggest issue is I have a college degree that makes me over qualified for the work that I apply for. Such as administrative positions, but I don’t have enough experience for HR assistant type positions which is where I would like to go.

I feel like I am disappointing my parents who have been so generous in helping me and giving me a place to live. I am disappointing myself by not being good enough on paper or in an interview to get the jobs. My mom commented that I did not call her crying this time, I told her by now it is not a matter of learning how to take rejection. It is not expecting anything else.

I have been unemployed for almost a year and been looking for a new job for 13 months. I was at least given warning so I save most of what I was paid at my last job. But it is so frustrating to be bleeding money and worrying about being able to pay my bills. I just want this over, I want a basic job that will cover my bills, and it is not like I cost a lot. Well anyways thank you for listening to my rant. Sorry it was not more uplifting a post.

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