Acorn Squash Plant.. Will it Survive?

Powdery Mildew on my Acorn Squash plant
So this poor plant in my garden first it got mowed by someone the landlord paid to mow the lawn. Effectively killing the young squash growing on it, I was afraid it would not produce again this year. Now it DOES have baby squash growing and it is starting to get a white film on some of the leaves. I looked it up and it’s a fungus. Some home remedies are 9 cups water mixed with 1 cup milk and sprayed on. I did that if in a few days I don’t see much I may try the baking soda mixture or just go straight to home depot and the chemicals. I will try the organic cures first. I would love it if this plant would survive. My zucchini has it but it has already given me a ton of produce. I sprayed it down too, but it is a lot sicker than the acorn squash.


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