Interview #2

Well I interviewed with a furniture store the other day. I applied for a sales position that would be commission plus salary. I know the owners through my family connections and I think they would be wonderful people to work for. Anyways the first interview was an hour and a half and included some tests on communications and sales approach as well as some personality and written tests. A very thorough evaluation so as of Monday morning when I had not heard from them I figured I did not do well on something. I felt great when I left the interview except the tests. I was not sure how I would score on them. All turned out well I got an e-mail today inviting me back to a 2nd interview and hopefully this will be a good place for me. I have never even made it to round 2 before so it makes me nervous. I think I will be more disappointed if I do not get the job. I am just trying to think positive and relaxed because my communication skills I think are what my biggest asset is for that position. Anyways that was just an update on the job hunting front.
I did not get a prize in Lauren Willig’s Contest, hard to compete with graphic designers on top of not being all that artsy myself. . Hopefully I will get this job and then I can just buy the book. I can dream right…


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