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October 15, 2010

Interior Design Overload

I have started working for Blackledge Furniture and I love it. The training is very intense; it will be 6 weeks from the date of starting to the time when I can even think of being on the floor and selling. I am learning about the construction of furniture from the frames, cushions, springs, padding, mattress types, and woods and how to recognize them by sight, and fabrics. It is all very detailed and it’s nice to see that when I walk out on the floor to explore and use what I have learned that I see it and can understand it. I am still having a hard time distinguishing mahogany and cherry woods. I am getting along well with the other employees and have gone from lecture to now a self regulated study. We are still training with an online system and videos but we can choose what we do first.
The next big step will be learning details about the different furniture product lines and I thought it was going to be a horrible task but it is not bad at all. It is more about getting a good idea about what each vendor offers and how to find what you are looking for in catalogs and pricing them out. So far I have gone over Flexsteel, and started one book of Ashley upholstered furniture.
One thing I have learned is that most fabrics though pretty are super easy to damage and the ones that are not are either so rough or not attractive. The company offers a protection which coats the fabric in a protective layer without compromising the fabric and it helps repel stains and keep pet’s kids and life from snagging bits of thread. Thought that was a great idea.
I have also looked at all my furniture and so far I have a polyester twill Flexsteel couch and is a typical Lawson style. It has two basic recliners and wood accents that are not solid pieces and I want to say it is a dark stained oak. Anyways time to do something other than furniture for an hour.

I have been rereading
The Secret History of The Pink Carnation
The Country Gentleman
The Seduction of the Crimson Rose
The Deception of the Emerald Ring
Currently: Only to Deceive

Lots of good books coming soon!!