The Orchid Affair Review

Well i reread both The Betrayal of the Blood Lily and The Orchid Affair today

The Orchid Affair was a deeper novel of spies as we follow Laura Grey as an undercover spy/governess. It is more involved than the other books where the story is more about the relationships and someone working on their own as a spy. This book is about someone trained at the Selwick Spy School going on a mission, her first mission to be exact. I really enjoyed the fact that she reported to others and was living the spy life rather than the clumsy bumbling of Charlotte or Amy. Not to detract brilliance from them but this book was more intriguing in the spy aspect and well plotted. I enjoyed it thoroughly and the Eloise side of the story was good as it always is. Eloise is in Paris and has an obsession with marzipan pigs. Clever and witty with lots of laugh out loud moments and others where you’re reading as quickly as you can to find out what is happening next.


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