Past Projects Quilt and Cross Stitch

So I thought I would share some of my older projects.
Quilt #1 – My first attempt. I just picked some fabrics out and gave it a go. It was bound with sage green and has a royal blue back which has a slight pattern to it and is actually the darker blue square to Quilt #2.

Then I have some Cross Stitches I have done in the past. The 1st one I did was the Christmas Queen it was more difficult than I had anticipated. There are metallic threads, beads, Fluffy threads, as well as being my first cross stitch in about 13 years (I am 26) So it gives you some idea.

The second, I picked a simple pattern of a mom and baby that I could maybe use as a gift or keep.
The third, the two girls by the tree is another fun one. It was a gift for my mother; she picked it out to be a pillow for her bedroom. It was beads, dyed silk. It was a very fun one to do and not too hard.


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