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August 19, 2012

Water Lilly by Nora Corbett and Mirabilia Design

I have completed another one! I do not know what i will do with all of these but i enjoy doing them. Hope you enjoy looking at it. Hopefully, it will soon be hanging in my home.

August 1, 2012

A Lady Never Lies – Julianna Grey

A Lady Never Lies – Julianna Grey

I really enjoyed this book. Three women and three men set out for a vacation and an escape from their lives. The men are taking a break from the sins of the world especially women. The women are choosing for intellectual pursuits and one to escape a husband. Somehow they both end up in the same residence and Mr. Burke and Alexandra have a connection and a shared interest of horseless carriages. Well written and funny with lovable characters. I am taking a guess but her next two books A Gentleman Never Tells and Duke Never Yields are also about this same event but from the point of two other couples. I am waiting eagerly for A Duke Never Yields as there were some very funny scenes of the duke, one for example covered in chicken feathers that I dearly wish to be explained. A fun read and a wonderful first novel.