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August 19, 2012

Water Lilly by Nora Corbett and Mirabilia Design

I have completed another one! I do not know what i will do with all of these but i enjoy doing them. Hope you enjoy looking at it. Hopefully, it will soon be hanging in my home.

August 1, 2012

A Lady Never Lies – Julianna Grey

A Lady Never Lies – Julianna Grey

I really enjoyed this book. Three women and three men set out for a vacation and an escape from their lives. The men are taking a break from the sins of the world especially women. The women are choosing for intellectual pursuits and one to escape a husband. Somehow they both end up in the same residence and Mr. Burke and Alexandra have a connection and a shared interest of horseless carriages. Well written and funny with lovable characters. I am taking a guess but her next two books A Gentleman Never Tells and Duke Never Yields are also about this same event but from the point of two other couples. I am waiting eagerly for A Duke Never Yields as there were some very funny scenes of the duke, one for example covered in chicken feathers that I dearly wish to be explained. A fun read and a wonderful first novel.

March 26, 2012

Moda Fabrics

I was in the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon the other day and ran across some adorable fabrics all cut in to 42 5 inch squares. They are perfect for little quilts or using for some fun design. There are only one or two duplicates in the group. They also have pre cut in 10 inch squares with many different themes these were just the two i liked and brought home. 


The Papillon Charms from Moda Fabrics


The Rouenneries Deux By Moda Fabrics.



February 13, 2012

Past Projects Quilt and Cross Stitch

So I thought I would share some of my older projects.
Quilt #1 – My first attempt. I just picked some fabrics out and gave it a go. It was bound with sage green and has a royal blue back which has a slight pattern to it and is actually the darker blue square to Quilt #2.

Then I have some Cross Stitches I have done in the past. The 1st one I did was the Christmas Queen it was more difficult than I had anticipated. There are metallic threads, beads, Fluffy threads, as well as being my first cross stitch in about 13 years (I am 26) So it gives you some idea.

The second, I picked a simple pattern of a mom and baby that I could maybe use as a gift or keep.
The third, the two girls by the tree is another fun one. It was a gift for my mother; she picked it out to be a pillow for her bedroom. It was beads, dyed silk. It was a very fun one to do and not too hard.

February 11, 2012

Quilt #2

A few months ago I made my first quilt. It was a simple block square quilt. SO for #2 I decided to go a bit more complicated and more fun color wise. So I designed these rainbow 9 square blocks with a cream boarder that will be the width of each little square.


This picture shows a small sample of the backing I think I will use. The border will be a chocolate brown I think. Either a rich brown or a dark brown. I have not decided yet. This looks good so far the hard part will be the next which is making sure that I square each block as I attach the cream strips on the sides to make a row.


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October 27, 2010

The Orchid Affair ARC

I received my advanced reading copy of The Orchid Affair today. It is lovely; the back is a perfect color and goes with the wax seal on the front. I will review it with no spoilers when I get a chance. I have a whole pile of new books I am going to be reading soon, and though the arc is at the top of my desire to read list, my OCD will not let me until I finish rereading. At this point I have reread all but the Blood Lilly and am currently catching up on Tasha Alexander’s books as her new novel came out today and it will be here tomorrow. So the order goes

Dangerous to Know – Tasha Alexander
The Orchid Affair – Lauren Willig
Evelina -Frances Burney
The Mischief of the Mistletoe- Lauren Willig
The Swan Thieves – Elizabeth Kostova
Beauvallet- Georgette Heyer
Silent in the Grave- Deanna Rayburn

September 21, 2010

Tee Shirt Contest Voting

Everyone go vote for YOUR favorites!!

Pink Carnation Tee Shirts – Go Vote!!