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August 2, 2010

Ebay VS Amazon

It is hard to know why people use eBay. You are unable to see the items beforehand. Movies are likely bootleg versions and books often have a smoke sent. Yes, you are likely to get a good price. Is it really worth it to get the book that smells like smoke, or the DVD that is copied and doesn’t play? Seems to me like a waste of money. If there was some sort of standard or way to guarantee the item it would make sense. EBay does have its buyer protection which I used because the DVD i purchased did not play.

I use Amazon, You have a EBay like situation where you can by objects from other sellers but often Amazon has the best price anyways. I have always been very satisfied with their service and products. After the DVD failed I did spend 10 more dollars and bought it on Amazon but it was a legal copy and it played perfectly.

I guess it is all price and how much it means to you to have the item work out. I rather pay more and get the item I want, not a knock off or one that is damaged. It may be cheaper but I am more satisfied with the quality and service. Plus Amazon has free 2 day shipping with their prime account. This is an amazing feature because you can have an account and invite others to take advantage of the free shipping. It is great around.

My conclusion is Amazon wins. But again it does depend on what you want. If you want to be satisfied and happy with your product go to Amazon

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