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August 11, 2010

Personal Update and Book Review- Deja Dead- Kathy Reich

I have not heard from the company about the interview. Thinking that might be a not so good sign. Good news is I won a book. Sadly, I am not receiving the book because my cover was voted in the top three, but because of a clerical error. Oh well, I still will get something to read. I am very excited; I have been hoping to get a job so I can start buying books again. I love books. I just finished one that is not my usual fare.

Déjà Dead – Kathy Reich.

This is the series which was the inspiration for the Bones television show. The books are very different, instead of a single super intelligent person who is socially awkward, the book has a mom who is divorced and actually uses her ability to read people to figure out the case. She has to call experts to get information about the bones. It was a good book, probably will not read the rest only because I am not a fan of the main character being stalked while the people she knows gets hacked to bits. I am all for catching murders, but I don’t want to live in it.

I knew when I picked it up it would be nothing like the TV show, which is sad I love Bones and cannot get enough of Temperance Brennan who is so intelligent and open to the world. I would have to say the Temperance in the book was more like Booths character on the show with a bit of science thrown in. The books are more based on story and the mystery, where the TV show is more of a character and facts based which I like. I love the knowledge and using it to catch the bad guys. The fact that the bones are what tell them what happened. I am sure it’s not very realistic, but it’s a happy dream world I am glad to live in.

As for the book, if you love horror movies and mystery you will love this book. Well written, and able to follow without too many lulls that you get board or thing ‘OK when is it going to end.’ Even though it is not my usual kind of book it was a fun step out and I recommend it to the murder enthusiasts.

August 2, 2010

Lauren Willig’s The Orchid Affair

The loyal fan base of Lauren Willig’s Historical romance novels have a petition going. We are trying to petition Dutton to change the cover of The Orchid Affair. They have gone away from the tradition of the first 6 novels of historical art work featuring sophisticated women to that of the typical cover of the common trashy romance novel. Now as there is nothing wrong with those books it does seem unfair to classify Lauren Willig’s novels as such. Her books have far more class, history, mystery and in essence more substance than the historical porn out there. Those looking for such would pick up the current cover and be disappointed. I do not mind that the paperbacks can have this design. But please keep to the wonderful tradition of these covers. I would be embarrassed to own this book and will not buy it if the cover changes. I cannot imagine reading this book in public.